What we provide

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Hewad Aziz Services Company, a leading information and technology services company registered in Afghanistan under Registration# 145794 License# 71169, offers a wide range of comprehensive information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products, and services. Along with our exceptional Internet services, we also provide a host of other offerings. Our expertise extends to various areas such as, Web hosting services, Domain registration services, Network infrastructure setup, cybersecurity solutions, and IT consulting. By partnering with the best broadband and Fiber optic powered providers in the country, we ensure efficient and reliable connectivity for our valued customers. With our utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, we aim to deliver unparalleled performance and support to businesses and individuals throughout Afghanistan.

Our Mission

Provide information technology and internet services to businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals of all levels so that they can easily achieve their set goals.

Our Vision

To be the citizens' preferred choice for providing information technology services, ensuring timely delivery, and maintaining excellent quality through our dedicated and professional staff.

Our Aim

To assist individuals, companies, the government, and non-governmental organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness through improved use of ICT resources, diverse ICT solutions for enhanced productivity and performance.


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